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People on Twitter Just Went Off About How Annoying Crop Tops Are & It's So Cathartic

As the sun begins to shine and our campuses warm up, the designs available in stores tend to get a little… shorter. And this year, that adjective doesn’t just apply to the lower half of our outfits. The powers that be have decided that the look of this summer is Pooh Bear-chic. You can’t walk into a Forever 21 or H&M without being surrounded by half-size shirts and, frankly, Twitter isn’t having it — the whole world around.

Janelle Monáe Wore Vagina Pants In Her New Music Video & I'd Like 10 Pairs, Please

Yesterday, Janelle Monáe dropped a female-directed, girl gang-centric music video for her feminist bop, “Pynk” – and this video is full of looks. From Janelle’s hot pink eyeliner to her structured dress with pink fur sleeves, the major style details are a serious statement.  She also wore vagina pants in the video, in case you didn't get the message about ~celebrating women~.

5 of the Best Looks from Coachella Weekend 1

Coachella may be a music festival, but we all know that fashion is at the forefront of every show. Since its creation, Coachella has been a hotspot for festival fashion, kicking off the season and setting trends for the year. Balancing fashion while battling the heat is no easy feat, and efforts to look effortless in the middle of the desert should be rewarded. So, to spotlight a few, here are five of our favorite outfits from the first weekend of festival madness.

All of Beyoncé's Tour Merch Has Selfies of Her Dressed as a Literal Queen

In preparation for the On the Run Tour II, Beyoncé recently dropped a new line of merchandise. The design features the singer dressed as Queen Nefertiti, an Egyptian who ruled alongside her husband, Pharaoh Akhenaten. This choice of costume for Beyoncé isn’t entirely surprising — those paying attention to her fashion choices as of late, might have noticed a theme. But is it approriative of Egyptian culture?

This Swim Brand Is Going To Make All Your Body-Positive Spring Break Bathing Suit Dreams Come True

Now that it’s spring break season and the sun has finally decided to start making its way out from behind the dreary clouds, it’s also time for us to start searching for the perfect swimsuit. However, that process can be frustrating, embarrassing, and draining on one’s self-image when being bombarded with picture after picture of totally toned, rail-thin models with impossibly perfect makeup and hair. But one brand is taking a different approach with their swimsuit ads.


How To Order Vegan Like A Boss At Dutch Bros.

Recently, at my local Dutch Brothers Coffee stand (shoutout to Monmouth Dutch Bros.!) they put up a sign with allergen information, to make it easier for the gluten, soy, and lactose intolerant. Not only is this considerate as all get out, it also makes it immensely easier to order as someone who eats a plant-based diet. Which is just the most obnoxious way of saying that I'm a vegan. Now that this information is available at stands, it's much easier for my fellow herbivores to make delicious

How To Take Control Of Your Inbox In 2018

Every year we make resolutions around this time. Always something to make our lives better: go to the gym more, eat less chocolate, stop drunk texting that ex from three years ago... But what if there was something often overlooked that would improve your life drastically and it was easily attainable? There is: this year, take control of your email inbox. It's the secret shame of many — hundreds, if not thousands of backed up emails, just sitting there in that red bubble. Always taunting, alwa

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