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A bridge to healing

WALDPORT — Nearly 140 people joined hands and recited the serenity prayer on the Alsea Bridge on Saturday to celebrate addiction recovery as part of National Recovery Month. The morning began with people meeting at the Alsea Bridge Interpretive Center. The parking lot was full of people laughing, taking pictures together, hugging and saying “it’s so good to see you!” At the heart of it all — addiction, and how you heal from it.

Local shelter serves all

LINCOLN COUNTY — There’s a lot more that goes on at the Lincoln County Animal Shelter than just adoption. While they love to serve animals, they also work hard to serve the community. Outside of its adoption operations, the shelter provides a number of public services. For pet owners, the shelter offers microchipping and ID tags for a small fee, as well as processing dog license applications for the county. For pet owners in need, the shelter provides a food bank program, with the requirement

City council meeting ‘out of hand’

The Creston City Council held a regular meeting Tuesday night, the agenda for which held an open hearing on proposed ordinance changes, numerous resolutions and five individual appointments — one of which was added to the agenda after its official release. The meeting was adjourned after Mayor Gary Lybarger commented, “I’m sorry if I offend anybody, but it kind of got out of hand, OK?” Lybarger’s comment referred to the council’s third appointment, which set with Danny Bird to discuss removal o

Here is what’s in a name - The Western Journal

Every year on Yom HaShoah, these disturbing little flags are planted around campus to educate passersby about the effects of the Holocaust and — debatably — honor those whose lives were lost in concentration camps. There are different colors for different groups, and a key so you can read which groups are represented by what. It is this sign that I take issue with. Having attended Western for four Shoahs now, I am disappointed to say that Western’s signage still uses an ethnic slur.

This Swim Brand Is Going To Make All Your Body-Positive Spring Break Bathing Suit Dreams Come True

Now that it’s spring break season and the sun has finally decided to start making its way out from behind the dreary clouds, it’s also time for us to start searching for the perfect swimsuit. However, that process can be frustrating, embarrassing, and draining on one’s self-image when being bombarded with picture after picture of totally toned, rail-thin models with impossibly perfect makeup and hair. But one brand is taking a different approach with their swimsuit ads.

Review: “Big Bear, Little Bear” - The Western Journal

On Jan. 15, Rusty Clanton released his EP “Big Bear, Little Bear.” The Tennessee-native singer-songwriter has grown a substantial following in the last five years through YouTube and touring with the likes of Tessa Violet, dodie and Emma Blackery. For those unfamiliar with his work, when Clanton asked his fans on Twitter to name other acts that his work sounds similar to, followers listed acts from Vance Joy to Bonnie Tyler, from Bon Iver to Sleeping at Last and Passenger.

Harmonica player steals spotlight in jazz performance - The Western Journal

Under a wash of colored lights — which would shift throughout the night, from reds and purples to blues and greens — four men took the Rice Auditorium stage on Jan. 19 for one purpose: to play jazz. The quartet was composed of: DJ Ginyard on bass; Shedrick Mitchell on keyboard, organ and piano; Nathaniel Townsley on drums; and headliner Gregoiré Maret on harmonica. The group were old friends, Maret explained after their introduction. But the four were not the only musicians on stage that night