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Doughnuts with a twist

Danielle Knudsen has been cooking for as long as she can remember. “My dad was a chef, I started cooking with him and baking with him when I was two,” she said. “So it’s always just been a part of my life.” When her father passed, she was only 13 years old. So she took her culinary education into her own hands from there, beginning to experiment and explore flavors. It’s that curious spirit that inspires the unique flavors of Dark Moon Doughnuts, the one-woman business that Knudsen runs. Thou

A community built through karate

True Lineage Kenpo Karate in Toledo is opening classes up to the public for anyone to try for free on Saturday, Dec. 14. The dojo’s owner and sifu, David Todd, his teaching staff and students look forward to meeting new faces and growing their dojo’s community. There are classes for all levels and ages — his students currently range in age from two to 77. Todd, a second level black belt with nearly 20 years of martial arts teaching experience, explained that, with all the screens and indoor act

Oregon’s best found in Depoe Bay

Ray Degele has had a busy couple of weeks. At the end of October, Taste of Home magazine published an article declaring the best bakery in each of the 50 states — Depoe Baykery, Degele’s business, was named Oregon’s best bakery. Rather than getting notice from the magazine first, Degele heard the news from some of the people he sees most: customers. Since then, he said it’s been a couple of busy weeks, especially for November.

Bringing the community rescue resources

Affordable training in life-saving skills is now available in Newport through Rapid Rescue Edu which opened its doors earlier this month. Kevin Wilson, the administrator and founder of Rapid Rescue Edu in Newport, has worked in emergency medical services for 16 years, been a paramedic for 10 and been a critical care paramedic for five. All of that time, he was seeking new ways to better serve people — which led him to start working internationally.

Toledo’s theater programs brought to life

Nathan Bush didn’t plan to revive Toledo High School’s theater program when he applied to work as a substitute teacher for Lincoln County School district, nor did he plan to teach theater full-time for all the grades in town. But four months into the school year, that’s exactly what he’s doing. “This is the first time they’ve had theater, for most of these kiddos,” said Bush. But he also added, “These kids have blown me away.” Among the accomplishments of his first few months working in Toledo

Painting the port

A new work of art is being installed at the Rogue Distillery in South Beach, one brush stroke at a time: a mural depicting keystones of the Newport port area, with the aquarium, NOAA and Hatfield Marine Science Center among them. “It’s kind of a representation, recognition and appreciation of the (port) area and the people that make it work,” explained artist Casey McEneny, who is working on the wall eight hours per day, every day that the weather allows. The mural is part of a brewery buildin